Faculty Member

Md. Azim

Assistant Professor

MPhil, Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka
MBA, Accounting & Information Systems, Jagannath University
BBS (Honor’s) Accounting & Information Systems, Jagannath University

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6325-5460

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=D0ei3WYAAAAJ&hl=en

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Md_Azim5

Researcher ID: https://www.webofscience.com/wos/author/record/AAP-9957-2021

Short Biography:

Md. Azim has been serving as an Assistant Professor since February 2022 in the Department of Business Administration, World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhanmondi, Dhaka. He was assigned as a coordinator of the BBA Program from June 2019 in the Department of Business Administration. He also served as Senior Lecturer from March 1, 2018, to January 2022, and Lecturer from March 1, 2014, to February 2018 at the same university.

Md. Azim has completed an MPhil degree from the Department of Accounting & Information Systems at the University of Dhaka. The thesis topic was "Predicting Corporate Failure.

He completed an MBA (Accounting and Information Systems) from the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Jagannath University, Dhaka in 2010.

His career objective is to nurture future leaders with a desire for lifelong learning and research.

He has training in Statistical Software SPSS, AMOS(SEM), PLS, and STATA, Research Methodology, and Strategic Management, Moodle, Google Classroom, and Accounting Software Tally.

He has sound knowledge of MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Email and Internet Browsing, Blogging with Blogspot and Wordpress, etc.


Journal Section
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Conference Section
  1. Azim, M., Rahman, M.M., (2019), ‘Aspects of Integrated Reporting and A Review of Integrated Reporting Practices in Bangladesh’, The 4th International Conference on Business and Economics, Dhaka, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

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SL Certificate Title Institution Year Country
1 Data Analysis using Smart PLS World School of Business, World University of Bangladesh 2019 Bangladesh
2 Research Methodology World School of Business, World University of Bangladesh 2019 Bangladesh
3 Panel Data Analysis in STATA Research Hub 2020
4 Data Analysis with SPSS Bohubrihi 2020 Bangladesh
5 Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS Linkwith Research and Training Center 2020 Malaysia
6 Peer Review Training Publons Academy, Web of Science 2020
7 Probability and Statistics: To p or not to p? University of London under the online platform COURSERA 2020 UK
8 Writing in English at University Lund University under the online platform COURSERA 2020 Sweden
9 How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper École Polytechnique under the online platform COURSERA 2020 France