Q. Where can I find the most update information about undergraduate courses?

For the most update information on our courses please visit our online prospectus. If you have received a printed prospectus, please view our updated web page for changes.

Q. How can I apply for an undergraduate course?

Admission forundergraduate degree must be made through campus admission office. Full details about the application process can also be known in our campus admission office.

Q. Does the University accept alternative qualifications to H.S.C. for undergraduate degree courses?

The University accepts a range of alternative qualifications in addition to H.S.C. If you require further guidance, please contact at our campus admission office.

Q. Where can I find information about bursaries and financial support?

Information about funding for our undergraduate degree courses can be found in our Financial Supportwebpages. There are also subject-specific bursaries and scholarships which you may be eligible for.

Q. What if my grades don’t meet for admission requirements, or I haven’t studied the subjects you ask for?

The entry requirements are listed in our prospectuses indicating the typical requirement for each course. If you have studied a different qualification to H.S.C., please check our alternative qualifications list.

Q. What is the general phone number and mailing address for admission?

For any admission related information, please call or email us.
Telephone number: +88029611410, +88029611411, Mobile number +8801752102855, +8801879542572, +8801955384008. E-mail address info@wub.edu.bd

Q. How do I apply?

For admission purpose, you have to come to the campus admission office.

Q. What is the difference between “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” degrees?

Undergraduate programs follow high school and lead to a bachelor (four-year) degree. Graduate programs follow a bachelor’s degree and lead to a master’s or doctoral degree.

Q. What is the transfer application process?

You must fulfill the requirements of a freshman applicant, as well as any supplemental information required by the transfer institution.

Q. What is the credit system in this university?

A credit is a value assigned to each course which reflects the number of hours the class will meet with the professor each week.

Q. What is a GPA?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numeric indicator for a student’s academic performance, calculated on a scale of 4.0.

Q. What is the grading system?

Letter grades indicate a student’s academic performance. Each letter grade has a numeric value which is used to calculate a GPA, on a scale of 4.0.

Q. How are grades determined in this university?

Grades are typically determined by quizzes, midterms, final exams, papers, projects, class attendance, and class participation.

Q. What documents do I need to submit at the time of admission?

For admission, you have to submit original and one set photocopy of academic transcript, Testimonial and certificate and two copy of passport size photograph.

Q. I have lost my student ID card. Can I still sit for my exam?

You must request a new student ID card as soon as possible. This will be given within a few days.

Q. How do I contact a lecturer?

Any student can meet faculty members at official hours. Contact details of faculty members can be also found online.