Social Welfare 

The Department of Textile Engineering, WUB has earned well-known reputation to its students, guardians, their relatives and surroundings for its social activities. In any subversive situation of the country, department stands by to resolve the situation. The department raises its funds from students, teachers, staffs, different other people and organizations.

Every year different types of natural disasters occur in our country, as a result, a huge number of people get victimized. In this situation, the Department of Textile Engineering, WUB conduct relief distribution to the affected and poorer people.

To make the environment green and pollution free, each year students of textile engineering department organizes tree plantation activity where it distributes a large number of trees to the students and others also.

The Department of Textile Engineering organizes various seminar and job counseling throughout the year which motivates and raises the confidence level of the graduated students in getting a good job. This also develops the minds of the students in order to build a society free of corruption.