Faculty Member

Dr Mahfuzur Rahman

Visiting Professor

PhD (2013) Accountancy & Finance Dept, Leeds Beckett University, UK
MA (2004) in International Business, London Metropolitan University, UK
BBA (2003) in Finance, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=uNTM1soAAAAJ&hl=en

Short Biography:

Dr Mahfuzur Rahman is an Associate Professor at the University of Lincoln, UK. He is also an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Public Sociology and Sociotherapy (IJPSS) and the Journal of Management and Organisation. His current academic and research interests are in the area of Sustainability and Innovation with a focus on Emerging Markets. Investigating the potential environment friendly manufacturing, such as, adoption of textile enzymes, for a sustainable future motivates his most recent research works. Dr Rahman is an Academic Adviser to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK. As an adviser, Dr Rahman is representing UK Higher Education to Commonwealth countries. He is also playing a critical role in the selection of Commonwealth Scholar and Fellows. His research projects (as Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator) and Scholarships (as Supervisor) are funded by the Commonwealth Commission, Government of Bangladesh, British Council, Government of Ghana and UNIDO. He is an active team member of the University of Lincoln UNESCO Chair on Responsible Foresight for Sustainable Development. Dr Rahman has published in internationally refereed journals, presented his research at a range of international conferences, and has contributed to a number of research projects. He has received a number of awards including University of Lincoln Merit Award 2018, Individual Merit Award 2019, Two best paper awards, University of Lincoln Team Award 2018 and Technology and Management for Development Award 2008 by the University of Oxford. Dr Rahman has supervised 5 doctoral candidates towards successful completion at the University of Lincoln. Currently he is supervising six PhD students and one Post-Doctoral Fellow funded by Commonwealth Commission and University of Lincoln.

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Journal Section
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SL Award Title Award Type Year Country
1 Technology and Management for Development Technology and Management for Development 2008 United Nations Industrial Development Organization
2 Best Paper Award Ascent International Conference 2013
3 British Council Researcher Links Travel Grant Researcher Links Travel Grant 2014 British Council
4 University of Lincoln Merit Award 2018 Merit Award 2018 University of Lincoln
5 Best Paper Award International Conference on Technology and Humanities 2018
6 University of Lincoln Team Award 2018 Team Award 2018 University of Lincoln
7 University of Lincoln Merit Award 2019 Merit Award 2019 University of Lincoln
8 Top cited paper 2019-2020 Business Strategy and Development 2021
9 Top cited paper 2019-2020 Thunderbird International Business Review 2021
10 Top cited paper 2020-2021 Thunderbird International Business Review 2022
11 Top Downloaded Article Thunderbird International Business Review 2023
12 Top cited paper 2021-2022 Business Strategy and Development 2023
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